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The population is more cautious when applying for home loans!

As the average interest rate on floating rate loans has been below 3% since December, so you might want to take it! The major change is due to the popularity of consumer-friendly loans and the anticipation of the population. Loan applicants are looking forward There is a steady increase in borrowing, with 34% more people […]

Clearing debts with the personal recovery procedure | Consolidation of loan

The personal recovery procedure allows someone overindebted and in an “irretrievably compromised” situation to start from scratch with the cancellation of their debts. The recourse to this ” personal bankruptcy ” is exceptional, and has serious financial consequences. When you are too indebted, Filing an over-indebtedness file with the Bank in France is the only […]

Basic Questions to Consider Before Buying a Home Loan

When it comes to taking out a home loan, it is very important that you have full coverage orientation and comparison reviewing the differences between loans as we are facing the big decision in our lives! Here are a bunch of questions you should be aware of when borrowing! Understanding the information and deciding on […]

Money with your car as an endorsement? – Loans

It is difficult that you have not found walking down the street or even straining between the windshield wiper of your car, advertisement with the claim to grant money with your car as a guarantee. Sounds to you, right? Of course yes. In fact, you may have found an interesting credit alternative if necessary.   […]

Buying a home: on credit or for cash?

If you want to buy a home for cash, in the current low interest rate environment, you may want to borrow more and invest the remaining money in a savings home. According to the master plan, the apartment savings will expire in four years, and you will repay the loan and benefit from it. Let’s […]

Many People Keep their Debts from Their Families, Afraid of Reaction.

Many people in a difficult financial situation rely on their family’s emotional and financial help. They expect emotional support from their loved ones and advice on how to solve their financial problems. But there is also a second group of people who keep their financial problems secret from their immediate surroundings. They try to maintain […]

How to Save Hundreds of Euros on Life Insurance for Your Mortgage Loan

Did you know that you can save a lot of money every month if you negotiate the life insurance of your mortgage credit? Spending on life insurance is often ignored for many years. It is only when we begin to weigh in the budget (when we are older) that we try to cut this spending […]

How to apply for a mortgage in times of crisis?

The purchase of a home is usually the most valuable transaction that a person makes throughout his life so it is vital to choose the mortgage that best suits your needs. That is why we will begin with the ability to pay, that is, we will have to make a balance of the income and […]

20 Places to Save a Lot of Money at Home

A few weeks ago, I published an article about how much cash was needed to carry. In the article I commented on the idea of ​​always having a little money at home for emergencies. Logically, this had the problem of security and sleeping peacefully, given the possibility of a robbery for having too much money […]