Clearing debts with the personal recovery procedure | Consolidation of loan

The personal recovery procedure allows someone overindebted and in an “irretrievably compromised” situation to start from scratch with the cancellation of their debts. The recourse to this ” personal bankruptcy ” is exceptional, and has serious financial consequences. When you are too indebted, Filing an over-indebtedness file with the Bank in France is the only […]

Money with your car as an endorsement? – Loans

It is difficult that you have not found walking down the street or even straining between the windshield wiper of your car, advertisement with the claim to grant money with your car as a guarantee. Sounds to you, right? Of course yes. In fact, you may have found an interesting credit alternative if necessary.   […]

Many People Keep their Debts from Their Families, Afraid of Reaction.

Many people in a difficult financial situation rely on their family’s emotional and financial help. They expect emotional support from their loved ones and advice on how to solve their financial problems. But there is also a second group of people who keep their financial problems secret from their immediate surroundings. They try to maintain […]